Monday, January 10, 2011

Ten Things I Never Knew About Termites But Wish I Had...

1. They are sometimes referred to as “white ants.” Incorrectly, may I add. They're actually names are "huge pain in my derriere." Yes. It is. 
2. On a size to creation ratio, some species of termite can create a building the equivalent of 10 times the size of the Empire State Building without exerting great effort. Hah. 
3. They're blind. 
4. There's only a little over 2500 known species.
5. They tunnel and burrow out of sight all their lives, esp in places like the house we're trying to buy.
6. Speaking of ants, termites are one of the longest living insects in the world.  Some queens can live longer than a decade. The ones in the house we're trying to buy...they're immortal and just flat-out refuse to die.
7. They're also historically ancient...they've existed longer than even ants.
8. Termites are the only insects that make full use of their droppings in as many ways as possible. Literally.
9. They cause severe damage to wood if they are left undiscovered or undisturbed for a long time. Therefore, having a termite inspection done prior to purchasing a home is always a good idea, especially when purchasing an older home. Be forewarned, however. It will screw up your closing, finances, and any possibility of a good night's sleep.
10. Having dined unchecked on the older home Hubby and I are attempting to purchase, termites are the bane of my existence and loss of my sanity all while leading to the depletion of my checking account and hopes and dreams. 

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