Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weird, isn't it?

So. Our neurosurgeon appointment for BBB kept getting rescheduled. They'd call, pushing our less urgent visit off for a few more weeks, because he'd been called away for emergency surgery. It happened more than a few times too. And we were pleased.

We were less urgent. Now that is exciting.

Weird, isn't it, when you've got some MRI results about lesion bleeding you want to talk about and it's labeled less urgent. And you feel good about that. Really good.

But that's just how it rolls, this disorder. Eh?

Because, you know, being on the other side, the emergency side, is horrific. No one wants to be there. A lot of us have. So yeah, cool, reschedule your hearts away. I just hope whoever was the reason behind this scheduling is okay. I really, really do.

The news was all right, too, when we did get in. Hopeful even. So, we'll take that too. Gladly.

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