Saturday, September 25, 2010


Blogs (personal of any topic as well). Info. News, articles. Links. Past and present. Building a blog is haaaardddd work. So pass'em on. I'm needy. Please!!!!

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Got blog? Of any kind? Are you a Twit? Do you FB? Crosslink. Follow me. Suggest some friends. The more I link to, the more I crosslink to, the more I mention Angioma Alliance and other organizations working to research and help those with CCMs,  the easier it is for others looking for that info to find help.

It's all part of our evil plan for world domination. To conquer Cavernous Angiomas, that is. I swear. (But let's just say, were we ever to accomplish this, we firmly believe donuts to be the international official food of goodness. Just saying.)

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