Thursday, September 23, 2010

Turn It Off

BBB just got a new cell phone. With an unlimited text plan. I was ambivalent; technology is difficult for him. Oh hell, just remembering his phone number is impossible for him. Friends, as in friends who would call, are sometimes too hard to maintain when you're socially challenged. But he coveted one, desperately. He wanted to be like other kids. Cool kids. Kids without a disability. So I caved.

He likes using it. A lot. Maybe a little too much, you know? Bob, too. We're all sitting in the same house and no one talks. All you hear is click-click-click. Yet, the concerns foremost on their minds haven't changed in the least. 

Example A:

Bob's Big Brother: What r you do n 2day?

Me: Plotting to take over the world.

Bob's Big Brother: Hw it going?

Me: Not bad. Almost finished, actually.

Bob's Big Brother: So what's for dinner

Me: The souls of my enemies.

Bob's Big Brother: Does tht mean no dssert?

Example B:

Bob: Make BBB stop txtn me.

Me: Can't. Too busy plotting world domination.

Bob: U did tht ystrdy.

Me: No. That was merely the continent.

Bob: Make him stp.

Me: You stop first.

Bob: Whts 4 din r?

Things have changed, and yet they haven't changed. Not where it matters. Remember how people used to say technology would make our lives easier? Better? Yeah. Well. Still waiting. . .

Is BBB cooler? If you ask his brother, he'd say not so much. (The feeling is mutual.) Happier, sure. But cooler? Still debating. . .

I remain ambivalent. About cells and teens and coolness, and just the fact that my boys are growing up too fast.  Yes. Very. 

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