Friday, November 12, 2010

Free Issue!

Go here for a free November/December 2010 issue of Stroke Connection. I just love that article title--"Of Bubbles and Force Fields." Can't wait to read it!

Check out the moving video here by the same title. Thanks to PattiG for the links!!!


  1. The "Bubbles and force fields" video is even more moving!
    PattiG :)

  2. You're right, Patti. :) It's a phenomenal video, and I should add it here. I'll also be blogging about The Project 2020-I do believe it's timed to be posted in a week, or so.

  3. Wanted to add this earlier, but have been too wrapped up in other things. This issue has a great piece on stroke and fatigue. Highly recommend it!


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