Monday, November 15, 2010

We've Got More Holiday Gifts Ideas On The Brain...

In more ways than one.

For my three men, who all sport major cranial scars thanks to their surgeries, I'm getting each one of these shirts cause it's so true:

Buy the t-shirts here yourself.

You can also get this one here. It's a nice touch how you can get it on thong underwear. Ahem. Thanks PattiG for the link:

Or there's this one here. I think it's my favoritest.:

And then there's this one, which I have to thank Crystal for enlightening me to its existence. It says, "My brain is bleeding..." Get one yourself here:

"My Brain is Bleeding" Ash Grey T-Shirt

They also all come in tanks, sweatshirts, water bottles, and on and on. And because they always say charity should start at home...I'm thinking I should get me one of these:

Donut Whisperer T

Whatta do you think, hmmm????


  1. I actually LOLed at the Donut Whisperer one...Ok. If I go to the conference I will buy that and wear it so you can recognize me in the crowd - then you will, too so I can recognize you ;)

  2. Yes!!! Are you really going????

  3. I just saw your comment!! Blogger has only been notifying me of comments half the time :l

    I sure plan on going!! I like your fund raising thingy on the side of your page - maybe I will put on up to get me to Texas? Hehe :) Hope to see you there!


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