Friday, December 10, 2010

Today Is The Day

Just crawling out from under the covers to whisper you all a sniffly and snorty and sickly hello. It has been no fun, this week. Not even donuts could make me feel better right now, so you know I've been feeling realllyyyyyy under the weather.

Like REALLY bad.

I haven't gotten to emails or bills or laundry or yes, even the blog. The only thing I've attended to are my cold medicine stocks. But today, today I needed to poke my head out because today is December 10th.

I know that day doesn't mean much to most of you. But to Elizabeth and her family, it's a very important day. The day that marks a new journey for them. Because today is the day she's having surgery to remove her CM.

They're in my thoughts and prayers today. I hope you, too, will keep her in yours. To learn more about her and her story you can check out her blog here. She's named it "Thankful For Every Day." All I'll say is exactly.And can I also say, for the record, is there a single more adorable child to ever grace a blog header????

My best to them all. They're in incredible hands.


  1. Hope you're feeling better SOON, Kelley!
    And yes, isn't Elizabeth's son adorable?! They're all in my best thoughts and wishes too. So are you!

  2. I was wondering what happened to you! Hope you're feeling much better by now. I have been following Elizabeth's blog and rooting for her and her family. That picture- my god, it makes me just want to give up the whole college and career shebang and have a baby. He's precious.

  3. Thank you! The antibiotics are working slowly but surely. :)


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