Monday, September 5, 2011

Things I Love...

Getting your emails.

Sometimes I'll get one and it's from someone sharing some great link or fundraiser or book. (Adore those.) I can't get enough of those, either.

Sometimes it's from someone who offers to help in whatever way, or knows of someone who can help spread the word.

And sometimes it's from someone who just takes a few minutes out of their life to say "Hey, I stumbled across your blog and just wanted to say that CCMs do suck, but like you I'm not going to let my life suck as a result."

I more than adore those emails. I really do.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Trees, trees, and more trees...

Laying on our wires. Blocking our streets. Littering our lawns.



Here it is, four days after Hurricane Irene blew away. (Actually, that was Tropical Storm Irene to some of us in the Northeast. Thankfully.) The kids have started school (YES!). The hum of generators has now been replaced by the revving of chainsaws. My cable works.

Life is pretty much back to normal for us. 

Though, okay, the trucks and chainsaws are getting on my nerves. I know, I know. Still. The house shakes and my heart stops every time another tree drops. Just saying.


But we are good. Our home is good. The lawn is going to be good. Eventually. The pool will probably never be good again but it's fine. Snow's coming in just a few months, right?  (Note to self: remember to put cover on pool BEFORE next storm. Doh.) So everything is pretty good.

I just hope those of you out there who were also touched by Irene are doing as well too. . .