People Who Rock

Why, yes. That's Annise Parker, Mayor of Houston, TX. Thanks to her, September 25, 2010 is Cavernous Angioma Awareness Day. That makes her an official Person Who Rocks in our book.

Senate Resolution 148. That's right. Sen. Udall drafted and helped pass legislation benefiting those battling CCM's. But he didn't stop there. Nope. In Aug, he brought forward S. Res. 3684. Someone give this man a cape and spandex suit with a great big "S" on the front. Need we say more?

Senator Udall's fellow superhero, Senator Jeff Bingaman. Check out Senate Resolution 3684 to see why he rocks. Then contact your own local politicians and ask they support it.

Ryan Westmoreland, Red Sox prospect, who's currently recovering from recent surgery for a CCM. We hope he kicks its ass, and wish him and his the family the best.

The staff at Boston's Children's Hospital, especially in neurology and neurosurgery. If you encircled the world with donuts, a gabillion times, and then stacked them all the way to the moon, it would still not equate to how much we love you. You rock. Seriously.

All those who toil at our local Dunkin Donuts just to provide us with only the most delicious reason for carrying on...the Boston Creme donut. Wait! Did you see that? The very second I typed "Boston Creme"  the heavens parted and the angels sang. I swear.

Angioma Alliance. If you could saint an organization, we would nominate them. Dr. Connie Lee, AA's President, as well. Mom, advocate, all around awesome person. We heart her.

Alberto Contador kicked an angioma's butt in 2004. He's also kicked the Tour De France's three times. We like that. A lot.

I need to explain this? Seriously? No. I don't. So what if this has nothing to do with anything. He's Hemingway. He rocks. Enough said.

The incredible PattiG. Advocate, CCM patient, and fighter. This blog wouldn't be half of what it is without all the help and guidance she's offered. For that, we can never thank her enough.