Thursday, September 16, 2010

Angiomas Suck...#1

The Manimal Challenge on Travel Channel's Man Vs. Food

Angiomas suck:

Whether it's a result of brain damage from his lesions bleeding, surgeries, or just for some unknown reason, BBB is unable to really tell when and if he's hungry or full. It's a ginormous problem in that he'll eat and eat and EAT, sometimes until he's physically sick. (Have I got a story for you about a breakfast buffet, my new denim jacket, and a rental car during one trip out to Houston, TX...) He also feels achingly hungry all the time. This leads to him overeating and even his resorting to stealing food. Considering we have to watch his weight in order to ensure his medications' effectiveness (and our food bills--hello), this can prove challenging for all of us. As in sucktastically challenging.

But Life's Good Anyway:

Who knows. Up his exercise regime and the kid just might have himself one kickass career as a professional eater.

Right now he's focused on tackling the Manimal Challenge in Arundel, ME that he saw last night on Travel Channel's Man Vs. Food. (Need I add it's his favorite food show??? And that even though he's only eighteen, the boy could totally eat Adam under the table already?)  The Tradewinds Cafe is less than an hour away from us, and he's hellbent on heading up there next summer. Never mind the fame and glory such an accomplishment would surely bring, there's a free Manimal t-shirt in it for that's pretty good.

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