Tuesday, March 15, 2011


So, that's it.

As of yesterday, we are now moved in. The last box has been dragged over. The floors were mopped. The keys turned over.

Our internet is working too. Let me digress to say this is huge as it wasn't. And it was supposed to be and it drove me to distraction because it's sort of hard to blog  and email and have a life any more WITHOUT WORKING INTERNET, DAMN YOU, COMCAST.


But anyway, we're here. We're in, we have the interwebs, we all survived, and I celebrated this morning with a donut and a huge cup of coffee in my new home. That of course is still missing some flooring and only has partially installed appliances and the downstairs toilet runs hot water only which is rather disconcerting. But it's fine. It's ours now.

Of course the respite is brief. BBB seems to be having problems again. The headaches, the seizures, the hearing loss, the vision blurring, all back again. MRI is scheduled for Sat. EEG for the Friday after. We wait, breath held, hoping the bleeding stops and recedes, taking the issues they cause with it as it always has before. We refuse to think it won't.

Because it will.

It will.

Meanwhile, I hope you all celebrated Rare Disease Day

and voted (for PattiG, not that we're trying to sway your vote or anything, but really you should have voted for her) in the 2011 Neuro Film Fest.



  1. Ugh, no matter what circumstances moving always stinks!
    So sorry to hear BBB is having problems. How scary, yet frustrating to hurry up and wait :(
    Hope you soon find answers & relief.
    Please keep us posted when you're up to it - you got LOTS of stuff on your plate.
    Take care & go enjoy that donut, ;)

  2. Thx for being there, Patti. It means a lot. The MRI went well; it was quick. Always heartening when lots of extra shots aren't taken, right? Hope to hear soon. *sigh*


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