Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Bob!!!

Happy Birthday, Bobbbbbbbbbb!!!!

Many pre-recession years ago (five to be precise), Bob requested a trip to Disney World to celebrate his birthday. Just as he had every year. But this time, the big surprise came when we actually went.


We spent his birthday evening dining at Disney. When the waiter found out it, he urged the entire restaurant to join in the celebration. He clapped his hands, silenced the room, and announced, "Join me as we wish Bob a happy seventh birthday... and his parents a happy sixth anniversary."

Um. Yeah. It's also our anniversary (and noooooooo, it was actually our eighth. Who knew our waiter would channel his inner comedian *sigh*.) But that's the thing about being parents, I guess. Once your children enter your lives, everything else sort of takes a back seat for a while. And it's absolutely wonderful.

Except, you know, sometimes it would be nice to at least get a card on my anniversary. :)

Anyway, today's a big day round here. Much celebrating of Bob is planned. So I wish you all vicarious cake and balloons and hamburgers and love. Enjoy!

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