Friday, October 15, 2010

How I Did it: The IPR

In record time too.

9:19 am: log-on to International Patient Registry, scroll down, and click the Join Now! button. Sa-weet. I love when things are that was easy to find.

9:20 am: fill out registry info. I will just say, though, that I hate when passwords are case sensitive. Gah. It's early. I've only one cup of coffee under the belt so far. Trying to come up with something creative...

9:21 am: email arrives with sign-in info. I'm official. Yes! I love being all official.

9:22 am: trying to log-in.

9:23 am: still trying to log-in.

9:24 am: *head-slap* I'm such a dork. I just registered. How could I have forgotten my sign-in so quickly? Completely blaming lack of coffee.

9:25 am: get SECOND cup of coffee. Eesh.

9:26 am: finally signed-in after successfully remembering who I am. Thankfully. Opening link for questionnaire.

9:27 am: a little confused over filling out of name. I'm answering for affected person, but is it asking for affected person's info or mine? Hmmm. Oh, well. Answering with BBB's.

9:29 am: so far, so good. It's asking for pretty basic info, all voluntary. Stuff like race. Age of dx. Dx. Meds. Doctors and location. Any health issues. Medical tests done. Piece of cake.

9:33 am: a small piece of cake, however, because I'm a bit fuzzy on dates and names. Blaming coffee again. It's okay, though, because they've included lots of unknown and other buttons as well as fill-in boxes. Loveee that.

9:36 am: that's it. I'm done. And I would have been done so sooner, had I more coffee.

And a donut. A donut definitely would have sped up the process.

Anyway, seventeen minutes, start-to-finish. Who can top that? Hmmm???? Just maybe drink more coffee first...

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