Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Falalalala Lala La La...

Yes! I'm still talking about presents because it's the season for candy canes!!! And cookies!!!! And Santa Claus!!!!  

Wait!!! I mean giving!!! It's the season for giving. Which means it's time to do that whole dreaded holiday shopping thing...

But wait, now there's a better way to shop than the mall, I swear. It's called iGive, and shopping through their site means a donation for your favorite cause. You know, favorite causes like Angioma Alliance

Your first purchase using the site means a $5 bonus for them, and a percentage of every sale after that goes to them as well. SQUEEEE!!!

You can shop at over 730 stores like Amazon, Travelocity, eBay, Home Depot, and many many more. And oh yes, there's also exclusive coupons and those infamous free shipping deals we love so. 

One can only hope they have bakeries on there. Handy dandy fyi: donuts make great holiday gifts. *hint-hint*

For the 411, read more at iGive here and Angioma Alliance's blog here.

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