Friday, November 19, 2010

The Project 2020

Have you met Kristie York yet? Please do.

After being diagnosed with a brain tumor, she suffered a stroke as a complication of the resulting brain surgery. She's also the creator of the Project 2020--saving Oregon, one story at a time.

It's one of the most amazing and inspiring websites I've ever come across.

Check it out here. Check out her blog here.

I loved this video. The idea that we learn so much about ourselves from how those we care about introduce us. I'm going to listen better next time, learn about myself next time. And I have to wonder--am I any fun to be around?

Are you?

Are You Fun To Be Around? from 2020 project on Vimeo.

Embedded video courtesy of The Project 2020. Thanks to PattiG for pointing the way.


  1. Eye opening. I never thought how we are introduced as being who we are to that person...I'm terrible at introducing people - and when I do I just say this is so and so. Hmmm. This video makes me realize I should work on that even though I know that was not necessarily the intent of the video.

    I started reading her blog last night. Is there a way to follow?

  2. Not sure. I added her blog to the sidebar, tho. If you do that on your own blog you can see her updates.

    I'm with you--I stink at introducing people. Just a hi, this is...this video really made me think. It's one of my new favorites. :)


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