Thursday, November 4, 2010

Why, Thank You!

A huge thank you to Marguerite Zelle at The Kindle Blog Report for her review of our AS blog here. She gave us a wonderful "Yes!" Huge thank you's to everyone who's reviewed us at Amazon (here) too. We luff you so.

Our mission is to spread awareness about cavernous angiomas. As long as there's no cure, we have to fight the damn things. But people can't fight something they don't even know exists, right? So every review, every link, helps get our message out there, and we can't tell you how much we appreciate your help.

So thank you. Now...for

Remember, we're on Kindle here. And for our Christmas gift this year, if you have an Amazon account, we'd love you to consider dropping us a review as well. It costs nothing...and, would make us reallyyyy happy. Love us, hate us, it's all good. We just need people to fight. :)

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